These reviews are not just feedback; they are the very essence of our journey with each couple, a testament to the magic we strive to create for every wedding. As you explore the experiences shared by our clients, you’ll discover the depth of our commitment, the passion in our craft, and the joy we bring to every moment captured. It is through their words that the true artistry and emotional impact of Annalisa Macchione Films come to light, offering you a glimpse into what your own love story could look like through our cinematic lens.
Welcome to the cherished corner of Annalisa Macchione Films, where words come to life through the voices of those who have walked the path before you. Our Reviews page is a mosaic of emotions, experiences, and heartfelt testimonials from couples who have entrusted their most precious memories to our lenses. Here, you’ll find a collection of stories, each echoing the unique beauty of an Italian love story, immortalized through our films.
Dive into the stories that paint a picture of timeless memories, where every film is a doorway to the past, a moment relived, and a promise of a lifetime’s treasure. Let the voices of those who have experienced the enchantment of our work guide you closer to choosing Annalisa Macchione Films for your special day.

DAVIDE AND LUIGI: “If we could go back, specifically to the day we chose our wedding date, we wouldn’t hesitate to say that the video, which we consider the most important element, had to be created by Annalisa Macchione. It’s not just a mere documentary; it’s art, emotions, depth, lights, and images that bring back the memories of our most beautiful day every time we hit play. Annalisa’s discretion, sweetness, professionalism, and expertise are what would make us make the same choice again and again. The maturity in her craft, the Italian cinematic style, and the eyes full of emotions are the focal point of an artist we have loved from day one.”

MARTINA AND AGOSTINO: “Our vintage souls could only be enhanced by a wonderful woman and a great professional. With her enthusiasm and passion, Annalisa welcomes you and takes you into her fantastic and charming world. She exudes simplicity, spontaneity, and naturalness. We immediately shared musical tastes that confirmed that only she could represent and narrate the essence of our intimate wedding with the right melody. We would choose her again and again.”

ROBERTA AND NICOLA: “Your Made in Italy Wedding: Romantic, elegant, and refined, the wedding narrated by Annalisa and her team. Annalisa guides you with grace, kindness, and unparalleled sweetness. Sensitivity and art in capturing precious, delicate, and romantic details. A perfect 10.”

PAOLA AND SIMONE: “The Best: I don’t think I ever had any doubts about choosing Annalisa when I saw her work, always beautiful. But I must say that choosing her also means dealing with an incredible person, a competent professional, passionate, with consistently surprising ideas, available, and understanding in a delicate and special moment like a wedding. When I saw the trailer, I was so moved, and the full video literally took my breath away. The best videographer without a doubt.”

IDA AND JAPOCO: “Like in a movie… The experience with Annalisa was exceptional. In just a few seconds, she told the most beautiful day of our lives, and we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. We didn’t experience any awkwardness or anything of the sort; it was incredibly emotional. Delightfully fantastic! We are thrilled to have chosen her and would do it a hundred thousand times over!”

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