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We are passionate about narrating stories using a cinematic approach, highlighting the splendor of Italian landscapes.


Annalisa Macchione Films is a film studio that tells your memories through the style of Italian cinema. 


Our mission is to capture the most important day of your life in a simple and elegant way. We are committed to creating original and unique stories for each event by analyzing our clients’ profiles. Every love story is a source of continuous research and inspiration for the final result (or the final film). Getting to know couples and building a relationship before each event is important to understand the vision and significance of your day. We like to think of ourselves as the directors of your Italian love story.

Capturing Love

The Italian Cinematic Way

Enter the enchanting world of Annalisa Macchione, where your most cherished memories are immortalized through the timeless elegance of Italian cinema.

As a distinguished wedding videographer, Annalisa masterfully captures the essence of your special day, weaving each moment into a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with the heart and soul of Italy. Her work is more than just a video; it’s an artistic journey that encapsulates the true Italian experience, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the romantic canals of Venice.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the emotive power of film, Annalisa transforms your wedding narrative into a visual symphony, rich in culture, passion, and the inherent beauty of Italian storytelling.

Experience the magic of your love story as it’s retold through the lens of Italy’s cinematic heritage, creating a timeless keepsake that you’ll treasure forever.

More About Me



Founder and Lead Cinematographer Since I was a child, I’ve always sought that perspective that no one else could see. I’ve always been one of those people who discover that imperceptible detail that truly defines who we are. I believe I’ve had a passion for cinema since birth; I still have photos of myself from as far back as 1992, holding an old camera. My life has always been surrounded by the love of my family, who have supported every choice I’ve made and guided me in pursuing my dream: to be an Italian film entrepreneur. My cinematic studies began at university and continue to this day; the thirst for knowledge is boundless in this world. I’ve attended various film courses throughout Italy, traveling and enjoying the beauty that Italy has to offer. I consider myself an aesthete always in search of the perfect detail and beauty. I am a film entrepreneur ready to capture the beauty that resides within each of us.

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